The Face of Community Banking

The face of banking overall has changed dramatically in the last several years, particularly with the continued development in technology. Mergers and acquisitions among the larger players remains constant leaving the smaller, community banks as the truly “local” institutions. But, what does it mean to be a community bank in the state of flux?

The definition of a community bank typically means that:
  • The bank’s assets are $1 billion or less.
  • All bank customers are local.
  • The bank does not have extra layers of leadership.
  • The community banker focuses on relationships and not just transactions.
Remember George Bailey? He’s the banker in the movie classic It’s A Wonderful Life.  Today’s community bankers aren’t on the verge of bankruptcy, nor are they ready to jump off a bridge.  They are, however, connected to the community and impact the local economy.  They are involved in many community organizations, provide financial support to local non-profits, and, for the most part, know most of their customer’s needs.

There is an ease working with a community bank.  We are individuals who work, live, and play in the same community. Community Bankers provide one-on-one consultation to give customers tailored solutions. Local decisions are made by local bankers. 

Small and simple does not sacrifice banking access.  Just as larger banks invest in technology, so do community banks.  They focus on providing customers’ access to their finances when and how they need it. 
A community bank’s primary focus is the financial success of its customers.  Financial decisions that lead to success builds trust.  Trust is the foundation for healthy relationships that lead to a prosperous community.

Merchants Bank’s Community Banking Philosophy
Beginning its heritage in 1890, Merchants Bank remains one of the last locally owned and operated community banks in Northampton County.  The bank focuses on the personal service of the local community by establishing deep-rooted relationships with an understanding of the needs of the individual and the community.
Merchants Bank prides itself on the impact it has made throughout its history to the local community.  The bank is committed to supporting the communities served through leadership, volunteerism, and donations.
There are a lot of community banks that surround Merchants Bank, many of them worthy of being called a community bank. Merchants Bank sits atop those institutions as having the longest endurance, financial stability, and local commitment.

Today, Merchants Bank operates nine physical locations in Northampton County, serving the communities in Bangor, Bethlehem, Easton, Forks, Martins Creek, Mount Bethel, Nazareth and Wind Gap. Additionally, the bank continually invests in providing the latest technology to meet changing lifestyles.

When you’re looking for a community bank, it’s hard to overlook Merchants Bank!