Resolve To Be Financial Fit

Financial fitness is a vision you set for yourself. The beginning of the year is a great time to assess your finances and take the necessary steps to get you closer to your financial goals. It’s a good time to evaluate your spending, update your documentation, and overhaul your financial life for the better.
Here are few tips to get you started…


  • Layout a financial plan – what do you want to accomplish? Establish a goal and determine what you need to accomplish it.
  • Make a list of your accounts – list out your bank accounts, insurance policies, investments, and other important information. Make sure that your spouse or a family member knows where they can find these documents. Include tax forms, wills and other important documentation.
  • Create a spending plan – record your daily, weekly, and monthly spending. Does your spending match what you set out for your financial plan? If not, make the necessary adjustments.
Resolving to be financially fit may not show immediate results like losing weight or quitting smoking. Regardless, when you reach the goal you set for yourself it pays, literally.