Cybersecurity: How to Stay Safe

The vast majority of security events occur because of human error — clicking on a bad link in an email or not having regularly updated software and browsers. Here are some tips on how to be a cybersecurity expert.

Keep Up-To-Date With Current Threats

Cybercriminals are good at staying one step ahead of cybersecurity systems and tools. They are also sophisticated when it comes to the way they attack. Today's cybercriminals use techniques that prey on the known interests of the target to entice them to open an email, attachment, or link.

Malware such as ransomware has evolved from simply taking data to hostage for payment, shutting down entire networks, or not releasing the data at all. Knowing the latest cyber threats and tactics can keep you from being victimized.

Be Educated

If you are using a device connected to the internet, you should be well-versed in cybersecurity best practices.  These include, password-protecting devices, logging off websites when they are not in use, and adding security software to every device. You should also know how to detect phishing emails, warning signs of malicious websites, and the threats that lurk on social networking sites.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social networks are a treasure trove for cybercriminals, providing them personal details they can use to target phishing emails. They also open you up to scams directly on sites. By using privacy settings, being selective about friend requests, and verifying everything before clicking on videos, articles, or pictures, you can stay safer.

Take control of your cybersecurity by being cautious and informed about new trends. Learn more safety tips at