Building Relationships with Your Customers

Maintaining good customer relationships means everything to your business. Outstanding customer service is the lifeblood of any business and is imperative to its long-term success. Growing a business means increasing the number of customers, but cultivating customer relationships is the difference between you and your competitors.

Here are some steps you can take to building strong customer relationships:

1) Communicate Regularly. Stay in touch with your customers through emails, in-person visits (if applicable), phone calls, or even social media. You might be surprised how a customer would respond to a simple “like” or thumbs up.

2) Show Appreciation. Be authentic. Show them how important they are and how much you really care. Listen intently and provide solutions when appropriate. Once they see and experience how genuine you are, you will earn their trust.

3) Reward Loyalty. Repeat customers ensure that your business flourishes. Develop a loyalty program or send them something of value once in awhile. It could be tickets to a show, a game, or a coupon of expressed value.

4) Exceed Expectations. Go above and beyond, and make every interaction count. Once a customer experiences a negative interaction, they’ll tell others, and it might be on social media. Give each customer a personal touch, send them a thank you card or follow up to see if there’s anything else you can do for them.

5) Ask for feedback. Know that you might not have thought of everything. Asking customers for unsolicited feedback will help you make their experience even better. Don’t take their input lightly. If there’s something you can improve on, then make it happen.    

Building relationships are key to learning about your customer’s needs. And, you may gain more returning customers, referrals and net income in the process. Keep customer relationships strong and do all you can to engage them. Keep them coming back! As the saying goes, ‘The best type of customer is a repeat customer.’