Customer Social Media Policy

The following are customer guidelines when using any Merchants Bank Social Media pages:


  • Merchants Bank is not responsible for comments made by the users since our social media pages are in the public domain and anyone can participate.  
  • Merchants Bank is not responsible for third party copyright posted by users of our social media pages.  Users are therefore requested to post / share original content.  
  • Topics that are not part of the discussion, repetitive comments or comments that are advertorial or promote another website or service will be deleted without warning.  
  • Do not post any personal information such as address, telephone / mobile number, bank account number, e-mail ids and passwords, etc. on our social media pages.  Merchants Bank shall not be liable for any loss caused to any person as a result of posting such information on social media pages.  
  • Social media pages should not be used by customers for reporting lost cards, fraud, or any information that requires immediate attention of Merchants Bank officials.