Fidelity Announcement

Fidelity Bank to purchase Merchants Bank in exciting union of two strong community banks.  Click here - Fidelity Announcement

Fidelity Announcement

Fidelity Bank to purchase Merchants Bank in exciting union of two strong community banks.  Click here - Fidelity Announcement

Locally Owned and Operated

You’ve heard the term ‘locally owned and operated’ repeatedly by local community banks, but what sets us all apart?  The definition of a community bank is like comparing local produce farmers. The produce all tastes good but which one is more convenient, always has what you’re looking for, and the people know you by name?
When it comes to banking, Merchants Bank is your locally owned and operated community bank. We provide relationship-based personal service for you and your family members. We are committed to supporting the communities we serve through leadership, volunteerism, and donations.

Our Heritage

Established in 1890, Merchants Bank remains one of the last local community banks in Northampton County. The original bank was built on the site of an old wheelwright shop, now the Bangor Public library.
During the Great Depression, a widespread run on the nation’s banks caused many to fail.  In 1932, an additional 5,102 banks closed their doors. After Roosevelt’s inauguration he declared a “Bank Holiday,” suspending banking transactions to only that of making changes. Merchants was one of the few banks in the area, and the only one in Bangor, allowed to remain open after the “Bank Holiday” was declared as a result of the Bank’s strength and solvency. 
In 1939, the bank moved to its current site at 25 Broadway in Bangor. At this time, the site was the Republican Club building and used to house the American Store. The Bank’s move involved transporting a ten-ton vault door still in use at this location.

Organically Grown
Today, Merchants Bank operates nine physical locations in Northampton County, serving the communities in Bangor, Bethlehem, Easton, Forks, Martins Creek, Mount Bethel, Nazareth and Wind Gap. Additionally, the bank continually invests in providing the latest technology to meet changing lifestyles.


Our Foundation

The importance of a community bank is the commitment to serve the needs of the customers and the community. Who we are, where we came from and what we represent is the pride we carry for the communities we serve.
While Merchants Bank has a rich history in the community, our slogan “Experience the Difference” was born out of our extraordinary commitment to customer service. Whether it is walking a business owner through opening a new account, or picking up a customer’s deposit at their car curbside, Merchants Bank employees strive to exceed expectations. Customer Service is one of the many things that make our Bank special, and it is also one of the six values that our culture is built on.
Merchants Bank Values Logo

Our “Values” logo is a symbol of our company culture, reminding our employees, community and shareholders of the original foundation our Bank was built on. A symbol that drives our future success.

Our Mission

To offer our customers an exceptional banking experience; to contribute strongly to our community's economic growth and development; to provide an environment where our employees can thrive; thereby maximizing lasting shareholder value.

Our Values

Integrity – Displaying honesty and ethical behavior in all of our interactions with co-workers and customers.  Treating others as we would want to be treated.
Respect – Ascribing worth and significance to co-workers and customers for who they are as human beings, and expressing that in how we act and what we say.
Customer Driven – Continually being focused on the needs of our customers, both external and internal. Forging win-win relationships. Having our customers' best interest in mind.
Teamwork – Our combined contribution is greater than the sum of our individual effort. Placing the success of the team ahead of our own. Accepting and valuing team members, regardless of differences. Freely communicating information and ideas with each other.

Innovation – Questioning the status quo, pushing boundaries. Applying imagination, creativity and initiative to bring about improved processes and products. Having a sense of urgency to stay ahead of our competition and offering leading-edge technology to our customers.
Positivity – Seeing opportunities in difficulties and challenges.  Giving others the benefit of the doubt.  Confidence that we can overcome any obstacle.